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Being a musician leads me to see every visual scene in sounds. We naturally perceive broader sensory context of our surroundings then just the images. Every image has a certain atmosphere given by sound.

The more we deal with deep issues such a human freedom is, we need to include not just our racionality, but get into the issue through feelings to reach true understanding. Music created within the atmosphere of visual images can help broaden the experience and burn feelings.

Using analog camera enables to put past and present into dialogue such as colors next to black white world does.

STEPS OF FREEDOM. Prague, 2021

The Steps of Freedom show the iconic places of fight for freedom, but non-conventional way. There is Wenceslav Square, the path to Národní street, the heart of Vaclav Havel, symbols of our Steps of Freedom, areas that offer themselves to the people who wish to remember important struggles for freedom from the past or express the recent ones within them.  The music soundtrack is based on authorial music mixed with authentic noises from the areas where photos were shot. 

Part 1. Directions

Directions. soundtrack

Part 2. Mirroring

Mirroring. soundtrack

Part 3. Memory

Memory. soundtrack

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