…contemporary music, because we  live in presence…

…body-mind awareness, because it leads to authenticity…

…complexity of trans-disciplinary artwork, because it opens human issues truly…


Czech Radio Recording

Posted on April 1, 2022

Radio broadcasting of recorded composition In Memoriam Jan Patočka by Martin Hybler, featuring Jana Kubankova as soloist, to anniversary of this brilliant Czech philosopher and humanist, fighter for human rights. Czech Radio In Memoriam Jan Patočka. Listen from 11th minute

Fall Concerts

Posted on December 21, 2021

with Berg Orchestra: Chiméra..japanese inspirations LØP, LOKK OG LINJER … Norwegian tradition in contemporary style Layers PLACES | …sounds of cities, mountains and deserts Forsythe, Club, McGregor, cooperation with National Theater

Summer Classes of Psychosomatics

Posted on September 1, 2021

Seminars and individual lessons of psychosomatics of violin playing led by Jana Kubankova were held at more places in summer 2021: Meadowmount School of Music, USA This year online. Fourteen day intensive program for total 85 students supported the self-study of student from this prestigious school. The main topics were compensation, practice effectiveness, psychohygiene, but also creativity support. Psychosomatics of violin playing, summer school for Czech studentů of conservatories and academies, Turnov, Czechia Intensive summer school including individual lessons andRead More

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