Performer does not play just the notes that somebody else writes. Performer is responsible for what she “says” on stage.

Compositions mostly bring a some meaning or even more some statement. As performer, you have to be able to find this meaning, understant and identify yourself with that to be true in performing. At the same time, you have to respect the composition and do not interfere with your own desired content just because you like it. Being performer means being true to carry the message of music, but also not to lie about compositions you perform and pretend the depth and wisdom where it is not.

Performance starts with first step, not the first tone. By entering the stage a concert starts. This old concept of silent barrier between high performer and ordinary audience is not close to me. Therefore I always communicate with my audience, talk about authors and compositions and react on moods of audience. Not just the music, but the whole performance is about communication.


CLASSICAL. I perform compositions from baroque period to modern times. Even more than prefering some period, I search for compositions and authors who resonate in me, with present time and issues.

CONTEMPORARY. Contemporary music is indivisible part of artistic, personal and social growth. Contemporary art always gives some kind of evidence of present life and state of affairs and therefore becomes very special source of information for us. The reason why we do not enjoy contemporary music “at the first hear” is just that we are not used to those peculiar sounds, harmonies and expression ways. At contemporary music we have to be searching for understanding such as in present context of present times, which we usually understand not before it becomes the past so that we reach enough distance. This was also a fate of compositions which now are treated like the strongest evergreens of classical repertoire. Is it that our disability or unwillingness to perform or listen to contemporary music tells us about our disability or unwillingness to understand or accept up to date form of our presence?

ALTERNATIVE PROJECTS. Art should join the people and it counts about artists even more. I like working with fine artists and dancers together. Even more because performing on violin is very much motional and music is colourful. I love make paintings sound in my free improvisations and give a space for motion in tunes. Connection of various art expressions is very natural such as human is complex of abilities to move, perceive by eyes and ears and think at the same time. Multi-art projects work with this whole context and make artworks be understandable even more.