Crea Scores

There is musical aspect in everything.

Next to playing the violin, I love trans-disciplinary projects. But the more, I love to create more ways myself. Therefore I started creating life improvisations and graphic scores based on surroundings I appear in.

I take every walk in my life as interaction with surroundings as both natural state and human footprint within that. I believe that artistic expression of particular space can provide us deeper insight in our human interaction with our own background, less or more natural or violated, lonely or fulfilled. It gives us a note of how much we understand our own surroundings, our place within it, our potential meeting with potential of the space. It can also explain us more, who we are, where do we come from and where do we want to go…what values to preserve, what determining aspects to keep and which to transform. 

We need to meet statement, new fascination and understanding, enriching our insight to our landscape we live in on everyday basis, like “in an ordinary fact”, not an extraordinary relationship.

This interaction with our surroundings, in whatever language, artistic or just ordinary, IS  a way, it is a walk, process we have to step on, set out and go. Observe, react. I feel the walk is not just about meeting the landscape itself, but even more to meet ourselves through our own landscapes. 

So take an artistic walk with me to spaces throughout our surroundings! Enjoy the projects Footprints, wrinkles and scars and Landscapes and Textures!