Stumbling Stones

Festive installation of commemorative brass plaques in the pavement in front of the last address of jewish holocaust victims was held on 7th of September in Jičín city, CZE. The artist Gunter Demnig will installed the stones personally.  To installation the Sonata for Violin Solo by Czech Jewish composer Erwin Schulhoff, who died in concentration camp in 1942, was played by Jana Kubánková.

Stumbling Stones – “Stolpersteine”, is artistic project of G. Demning, and after installation of the first stone in Köln am Rhein in Germany in 1992, this project became Europe initiative. These stones commemorates the victims of holocaust.

more about this initiative here

Eight Stumbling Stones will commemorate members of Steiner family, right in front of house where they lived before going to transport to concentration camp.

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