Bodies Lost

Bodies lost puts the issue of awareness to embodiment in juxtaposition with our awareness to environment. How does our lack of awareness of being embodied mirrors our action within the environment? How much the alienation to our bodies affects our relationship to the environment? How much our cut off the bodies, losing responsibility for our own health, damaging psychosomatic health, „pollution“ of our own psychosomatic systems mirrors our destructive action within the environment? How much does the cultural programs such as „body as machine of productivity and performance“  we adopt affect the overall environmental situation? When something is not in personal relation there is also no responsibility for that anymore. It is some unrelated thing, that somebody else heals, decides for, solves. There is no more empathy, respect, care. There is also no more home. Not inner in the body that may escalate in depressions and illnesses, not the outer, that escalates in the environmental issues of today. .

The concept raises from scientific reading about embodiment and embodied reality in works by F. Varela, Lakoff, Johnsson as well as from my practical work with the Laban Analysis of Human motion Themes. 

Concept works analog collages, natural facilities such as natural handmade papers for prints or photogram developing.

Work in progress.

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