Psychosomatics for Musicians

The body, mind and the soul are completely bound. Even during instrumental studies we should still consider this fact.

Within seminars of “Psychosomatics for Musicians” I offer students an insight to issue of psychosomatic connection with subject of their instrument playing and bring possibility to adopt functional key abilities, which lead to successful study and further professional career.

We learn to work with stress and stage fright, compensate physical and psychical exhaustion, adopt healthy motional patterns, prevent burnout, make strategic plans of practice and goals. We also work on creativity and authenticity in expression.

Seminars are selfexperience-oriented. Students are given not just theory but they are trained to adopt particular techniques and attitude to their independent work.

Focus groups. Students of high music schools and colleges leading to professional career. University music students.

Scheduling. Scheduling lays on agreement on optimal version for particular subject or an institution.

Workshops. suitable for masterclasses, music festivals and competitions Presentation of the topic and basic technique. 1 – 10 hours

Long-term Seminars. suitable for institutions, colleges, schools Deep work on spectrum of topics and techniques according to total time scheduled for seminars. 10 days – 1 school year

Where were and will be these seminars run?

2020, 2019, 2018 Meadowmount School of Music, USA

2020, 2019, 2018 International competition for singers Sanremo Junior

2019 Conservatory Žilina, Slovakia

2019 Masterclasses of violin virtuoso Bohuslav Matoušek, Czech Republic

2018 Elementary schools in Czech Republic