Deserts Inner and Outer

Authorial music project based on pure solo violin improvisation on the topic of desertification.

The music was recorded the most ecological ways with use of minimum of electricity and non-ecological facilities.

Our ground is drying Losing the water under ground Natural disasters Hard to find remaining live Lost feather speaks Of bird songs That are no more here Landscapes that no more look as a home Alienated… We are drying Our focus on pure racionality Growth Losing the juice of emotions Happiness The bliss Deserts in our souls Tears that cannot be cried out for generations War trauma Loss of humanity Alienated How much our dried souls caused drying of the ground, of our relationships, communication, respect? How much our ignorance of inner principle, our emotions, our souls causes ignorance to outer ones, to emotions and souls of others? Once we do not take responsibility to what is even happening inside us, we hardly will be responsible for our own outer action… Inner influences outer Outer influences inner

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