You can learn art, but even more the art can teach you.

Art provides very wide space for personal growth and cultivation of such skills as sensomotorical and cognitive, communication, empty and creativity. Art activities helps individuals, but also collectives to be more supportive and effective.

In my seminars we do not learn artistic techniques, but the artistic techniques teach us to know ourselves better.


STUDENTS OF ART. With students of art we concentrate on adopting key skills such as work with stress and stage fright, effective training planning, support of creativity and authenticity in artistic expression.

CHILDREN WITH SOCIAL SEGREGATION. We concentrate on activites which support improvement of sensomotorical and cognitive skills, we support inner stability of these children and help their collective be safe.

ADULT TEAMS AND COLLECTIVES. We work with dynamics and effectivity of particular group, create supportive background, empathy, ability to cooperate ad bring creative results.